Eight hours sleep is important to set your mood for the whole day. If you’re not getting a good night’s sleeps, you’re waking aches and pains, or you’re not comfortable in bed, it may be time for a new mattress. If your current mattress sagged and has permanent indent shape of your body, it’s also likely time for a new one. It’s important that you have a good mattress that provides comfort and support that you deserve. With this guide and information it will help you to choose the perfect mattresses.

Choosing A Mattresses Size

Super King Size

200cm width

200cm length

King Size

180cm width

200cm length

Queen Size

150cm width

200cm length

Twin Size

120cm width

200cm length


100cm width

200cm length

Best Mattresses For Each Sleeping Position


Back sleepers tend to vary on their preferences of the mattress resistance, with some preferring plush or soft mattress to cushion their back and others a firm one. But a back sleepers, you will need more support than someone who sleeps on their side. That's why firm, medium firm or medium are ideal- they provide the alignment and support you need.


A medium or plush comfort is better for a side sleeper person. This is because they allow plenty of give to contour to your body’s natural curve and keep the spine aligned while providing a maximum comfort. Due to your vulnerable pressure points, side sleepers are best suited or medium or plush mattresses that give you more cushioning and allow your body to sink slightly to the mattress.


A firm or medium comfort is better for a stomach sleeper person to provide essential support to maintain natural alignment of the spine and allow maximum comfort while preventing you sinking in and aching your spine. If your mattress is plush, your torso will sink to the mattresses and your spine will arch as you sleep, leading to arches and pains. If your mattress is extra firm, it won’t let your spine fall into its natural curve and will also cause you discomfort.

Evolution Series

A Mattress that consist foam and open coil core that can customized His and Hers comfort with three different comfort levels that suits to your comfort. Firm, Medium and Soft.

Good Sleep is the New Luxury

Any way you want it, that’s the way you get it! Fulfill? Each and every whim with a mattress that can have u to 3 different comfort layers. Partner has different tastes? His and Hers sides solves that!

Evolution Instinct

Giving great back and spine support with Foam based core. The Evolution Instinct wraps you in a cocoon of relaxation with the comfort layer.

Memory Foam

Provides great pressure relief, promotes freedom of movement and a comfortable sleeping temperature.

High Resiliency Foam

Helps dissipate heat and enhances airflow.


High quality and durable foam designed to provide enchanced durability and support.

Evolution Indulge

Giving amazing back and spine support with an Open Coil based core. The Evolution indulge allows you to truly indulge in next level comfort and support with the comfort layer.

Foam Encased Support System

Provides a supporting Edge and maximizes the mattress's sleeping surface and longevity.

Open Coil Chassis

Provides Exceptional support and comfort.

Help Resiliency Foam

Helps dissipate heat and enhances airflow.

Base Support

High quality and durable foam designed to provide enhanced durability and support.

Experience the Ultimate Sleeping Experience with your Three Personalised Comfort Layers

Cant decide on whether you should make the leap towards luxurious sleep with The Bedroom? With every order of Evolution mattress, we are giving three comfort layers just for you. Soft, Medium, and Firm- find the level of comfort right for you. Shop Double Comfort Now!